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Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

Need to move across town, state, or country? Contact Lui Lui today and let the experts take care of everything. We provide expert packing, moving and loading services for any type of move across any distance. We are aware that long distance moving can be stressful and take a toll on people. However, it doesn’t have to be. We can provide specialized knowledge to make that transition stress-free and as smooth as possible for you.

Years of experience have allowed us to modernize our processes. Lui Lui Moving Services provides an excellently trained team to assist you with all your moving needs.

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      Moving and Packing Tips

      Packing and moving can be stressful and overwhelming. But, by planning and staying organized with the tips below, you are sure to have a pleasant and successful move.

      Moving Day Tips and Pre-Planning

      • Make sure everything is packed and ready to be moved before the movers arrive. Clearly label any boxes or packages with their respective rooms and contents.
      • Before our movers arrive, make mental notes or create a list of any information our movers may need. Communication is key on your moving day in order to ensure we provide you with the best moving experience!

      Before your moving date

      Eight to six weeks before your moving date:

      • Create a list of necessary moving accessories. Need boxes? We can help! Learn more about our environmental boxes here.
      • Transfer insurance policies to your new address.
      • Start cleaning out bookcases, closets, attics, and any other storage areas and reserve a storage unit if necessary.

      For long distance moves:

      • Make any long-distance travel arrangements that may be needed on the day of your move.
      • If you are unfamiliar with your new location, do plenty of research beforehand to be familiar with local businesses, parks, and any other necessary locations.

      One month before your move:

      • Purchase or rent packing supplies.
      • Schedule the disconnection of your utility services and schedule transfers to your new location.
      • Begin packing items that are not necessary in your day-to-day routine.
      • Schedule your move with Lui Lui Moving Service, LLC.

      Two weeks before your move:

      • Complete a change-of-address with the United States Postal Service and any other accounts you may have.
      • Pack all other unnecessary items and set them aside in an area where they will be out of the way.
      • Clean and empty appliances


      While packing may be overwhelming, it is best to start packing early and avoid packing procrastination. Creating a plan of action, and giving yourself more time to pack, will only reduce your moving day anxiety.

      • For larger appliances, remove any loose fittings and package them separately. Secure any moveable parts or doors to avoid any damage.
      • To secure your washer and dryer, stuff towels or other articles of clothing to keep the tubs from rotating. Disconnect all hoses, put them in a bag, and place them inside the machines.

      Defrost, clean, and dry the interior of your freezer and refrigerator. Fill the interior of your freezer or refrigerator with blankets, linens, clothing, or stuff and plush toys to protect the interior.


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        Residential and Commercial Moving Services

        Whether you are moving around the block or across the state, Lui Lui Moving Services is here for you. We are experienced in many different types of moves including:
        Large Single Items: Do you need to move a piano, safe, pool table, or a precious antique? We have you covered.
        Entire Households: We know your house is full of your valuable treasures and we are equipped to move them for you.
        Offices: If you need detail-oriented movers for your office Lui Lui Moving Services can get the job done.
        Medical Equipment: We have the experience to move delicate and high dollar medical equipment, so you don’t have to.
        Short & Long Distance: No matter how far you are going, we will get your things there safely.
        White Glove: Let us handle the relocation of your valuable items with our White Glove service.


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